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A professional photographer captures moments at your event, but our photo booths capture your guests being fun and goofy! Our photo booths provide your guests with fun and interactive entertainment! Trust us the difference between a professional photographer and having our photo booth at your event is night and day! A photo booth is a great addition to a professional photographer, and for some small, informal events, our photo booths are a great replacement! Call us at 713.254.2149 for more information or to book an event




Photo Booth prints come in vertical or horizontal 2x6 strips or 4x6 postcard sizes. We like to get SUPER creative with these designs. You can use any of our premade layouts or we can design you something new. Let your imagination go wild.

Photo booth Gif

Graphic Interchange Format is the technical term for GIF. Basically it an animation of a few photos and a cool additional to the photo booth experience.

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