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Let Smirkn celebrate and commemorate your Houston, Texas graduation celebration.

A Smirkn photo booth is a perfect addition to your party and will make your celebration one to remember.

Many of your friends and classmates will be disappearing into different directions and they won't be around as much.  So this is the best time to get your pics in.

Graduation is a big accomplishment so celebrate it with family and friends and rent a Smirkn photo booth.

What better way to pay tribute to your student than to capture the memories of the night and their friends they might not see again for awhile.

We have fantastic props to make your photo booth pics totally custom and uniquely suited to your guest's tastes.

Custom messages can be added to your pictures to make them even more special and personable

Our photo booth is great for people of all ages from young to old. Get them in that booth and watch them strike a pose.

We have an awesome, professional well trained staff that will handle all booth setup, operation and break down details.

Let us make your graduation celebration one of a kind. Give us a call and we'll handle the rest.

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