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All work and no fun?


Team up with Smirkn Photo Booth to put on an awesome employee event or an event to promote your business.

Got a new product launch coming up? Include a photo booth in the festivities and watch the excitement level grow.

A Smirkn photo booth keeps your clients or guests entertained and busy, so they tend to linger and hang out at your event for a longer time.

For marketing purposes we offer personalization and branding of your pictures with logos and messages. Wherever your event pictures are displayed so will your marketing and promotion message.

Our team is well trained and professional. We handle all photo booth setup and operation details. Our goal is to deliver the experience that ensures your event is a great success. There is nothing for you to worry about other than having an awesome time.

We have props that can match any theme your business event requires. Think about the cool keepsakes your guests will end up with.

We love to promote the Houston business community and absolutely enjoy creating publicity for Houston local businesses.

Make your corporate event different and special with a photo booth rental from Smirkn. Let us ensure your event's moments are captured.

So give us a call, you'll be happy you did.

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