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Want to crank up the excitement for your wedding reception? A Smirkn Photo Booth is the perfect choice..

Smirkn is the premier photo booth rental service provider in the Houston, Texas area.

If you have experienced a photo booth at an event you have attended you know what an awesome time they are. Why not add that experience to your wedding reception?

Providing additional reception activities other than dancing is a fantastic way to ensure all of your guests have an awesome time. Our photo booth is a great alternative to dancing and also creates an area where people can socialize and hang out.

You know how much fun it is to check out everyone's pictures as the night goes on and you can update your social media pics as they are happening.

The scrapbook makes a great memory for the Bride and Groom as well as the digital images from the photo booth.

We have great props so you can be sure your photo booth pictures will be one of a kind and so unique.

The creativity of your guests is the only limit on how amazing the pictures you take will turn out.

The memories of the night will be captured and your family and friends will walk away with momentos of your special day.

We have a well trained and very professional staff that will provide the experience you would expect. We take care of everything, all setup and camera operation. All you do is enjoy the moment.

Give us a call today and make your wedding reception truly special and memorable.

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